Thursday, September 15, 2016

#NewMusic @Imjusclay "PAIN"

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JUS CLAY aka Reginald Clay Jr., originated in Cincinnati Ohio. A graduate of Roger Bacon High School and studied at Central State University. Reginald began rapping in 2009 after the death of his brother Randy Ward who was shot 38 times and killed by the Police while running away from them.

JUS CLAY found that rapping was a way to vent and express the hurt and "PAIN" he felt without retaliation and going to jail himself. His first single is a record he created to release that "PAIN"but at the same time give others a chance to vent with us. Pretty much describing everyday venting techniques we put into action and use to get through our lives.

Recently JUS CLAY has been performing locally in the Ohio region and can be found via all social media. Performing at the Northside Yacht Club was an elite moment for JUS CLAY, he noticed that the crowd was actually singing along and knew the words to his songs.

"PAIN" can be found wherever digital downloads are sold 


CONTACT: Reginald Clay Jr.

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