Friday, February 25, 2011

Kobe Bryant Has A Secret Baby + Paternity Papers Served During Game

The NBA champ allegedly has a child out of wedlock (I know…shocking, right?), but the real crazy part was when he was supposedly served paternity papers right after a game…I’m talking about right as he was walking to the locker room!
In the video, you can see Kobe tucking an envelope under his arm as he’s walking through the player’s tunnel.
Allegedly, Kobe Bryant has another boo in Italy and that he even bought a house for her. It seems to me that this girl wants some more Kobe money!
I don’t know about yall, but I don’t just grab anything that somebody hands to me. For all I know it could be anything from a bag of poop to some swine/pig/bird flu type ish.
Judging from the video, I think Kobe probably knew this person who handed him the envelope and that more than likely it was not paternity papers. But…hmmm…I don’t know. Professional ball players aren’t known for being the faithful type, so I guess it’s up to Kobe Bryant to prove us wrong.---FreddyO

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