Friday, April 3, 2009

Lil Wayne Banned From Mixtape Site

Well Lil Wayne has dug his self deeper in the hole with the dj's. After hearing that lil wayne is gonna sue some dj's over his songs being placed on mixtapes..."Cash Money has named the Aphilliates, along with BCD Music Group, Deep Distribution World Wide, Tyree C. Simmons (Drama) and Cinque Productions, Inc. in a civil action suit." Now a mixtape site named "" that helps dj's promote there mixtapes online has banned him from there site and this is what they had to say......Which is very true.......
"We at thatcrack have decided to ban lil wayne from the site. Lil wayne is sueing DJ Drama and various other mixtape DJs. Are you the next one to be sued by Lil Wayne? We dont know. But starting today we will not post any mixtape with Lil Wayne on the cover. If you are still riding his nuts after this latest episode, from lil wayne, remember when he said fuck mixtape djs? We will delete every lil wayne track from your mixtape. We are standing by the real mixtape DJs on this and hopefully you will decide to stop putting him on your tapes. If you have upload priveledges and you upload a lil wayne track we will revoke your priveledges.
Be a real DJ and stop puttin lil wayne on your tapes. You might be the next to be sued."

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