Saturday, April 11, 2009

How The Hittmenn Started "Kaspa Da Don"

I started a Independent street promotional Company in which I promoted a local artist name Mr. Ku and then from promoting him I had my first big break with the record "SHAWTY SWING MY WAY" which grew to be one of the bigggest records to touch during that Atlanta...during the Laface stages. As my Atlanta popularity grew in Atlanta. Kaspa was then introduce to a company called Cash Money (prior to the Universal Deal) in which he took on the responsiblity of promoting acts like BG, Juvenile and Big Tymers!! Then as the Atlanta promotions made this group research to the highest dergree from the song "HA"...Baby(Brian Williams) called Kaspa to come to New Orleans for the Signing Party and this was the change of his life!!! From that point on he knew he would one day be one of the biggest indie promoters for records in the South!!! From the Cash Money/ Universal deal it was his chance to work hand on hand with the major labels...In he then went on to work and have Clients - Interscope, Violator, Coca Cola, 1-800- cALL At&t, Warner Bros, Suave House, BME-

When this occured he expanded his business from doing not just Atlanta but Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Carolinas, Misssippi, and Texas!!!

He then learned how to take independents (like Adamshame who sold over 80,000 copies independently) from doing regional promotions!!! SMD a Independent Music Distribution company- that was signing acts to drop independently and then went on to get major deals (the way it used to be!) He then helped by promoting these acts in the South with his networks. Groups like DTP- Ludacris, Pastor Troy, Lil Jon and Eastside Boys, Drama(1st rap act to go platinum on Atlantic), Ying Yang Twins all before the major deals(ALOT OF PEOPLE REALLY DONT KNOW THIS).....Yes and Look at the music Genre today in the stores to radio....THAT was from an initial GROUND structure system!!! From then on he went on to be the person from promotions in the SOUTH!!!- In 2003 He started Legion Of Doom Djs, but we didnt see the same vision so he changed his course and hooked in with longtime friend and business partner GREG STREET- THE CEO of the SOUTH and BIGGA RANKIN V.P his longtime friend to start HITTMENN DJS- which KASPA is the PRESIDENT!!! They are the #1 Dj CREW in the which they have a 32 Million audience in the Country from RADIO, CLUBS, MIXTAPES and TV from Detroit to Miami to TEXAS!!


In 2003 he worked closely with President of Virgin /CEO of So SO Def Jermaine Dupri (in which Hittmenn Just did 38 City Tour for Dem Franchize Boyz which help them go #1 on the Billboard!!

Now After leaving J.D. cause he didnt understand Kaspa the Dons Mission..He ran into a Polow Da Don that knew of Kaspa's work and made his initiative by not only breaking the "Throw Some Ds" record but he also picked the record "Throw some Ds" . Polow knw it would be the greatest thing to have a hot promoter and him being the hottest producer in the country..So now Kaspa plays his role as V.P. of Zone 4 Inc.(Polow da Don's production label empire.) In which Keri Hilson just took the #1 spot on the Album Charts for R and B and Hip Hop.

You can also Catch KASPA- IN A 2 PAGE interview done by the Senior Editor of Billboard Magazine

He plays as Executive co-producerco-wrote and directed the Street Fame to Claim "Off Da Hook" The movie Co-starring -Rich Boy,Terry Brown,Greg Street,J.W.,Henry Welch with Malcom Joore of Macadocious Films. and more

So with all this being said,

For the Niggaz Back in the Day that said this shit wasnt GONE WORK....This VIDEO IS FOR YOU....Enjoy your weekend!!

Kaspa The Don

Hittmenn 4 Life...Keep Working!

Ice Cube - No Vaseline (N.W.A Diss) - video powered by Metacafe

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